About us

Dr. John Golden, lead developer of the Golden Personality Profiler (The Golden) envisioned the international training model for GPTPonline.com.

The Golden is the most contemporary and comprehensive personality type assessment tool available on the market today.

Professionally distributed by Pearson Talent Assessment since 2004 and utilized for career and college planning by the College Board since 1999, The Golden meets a global standard. Online certification courses and Zone B members-only learning center represent GPTPonline.com's ongoing commitment to the Golden's effective use around the globe.

Why choose us

You can save over a thousand dollars by taking the Golden certification course online. Save valuable time while enhancing your credentials by mastering the Golden Personality Type Profiler on your own schedule in your home or office.

You will have the opportunity to join Zone B, an online community for personality enthusiasts built and dedicated to learning, sharing and networking. Connect to professionals around the globe that share your interest in personality research and applications.

Our core values help us to achieve our mission
Our goal is to provide the highest quality online training certification programs to assessment professionals The Golden certification course will provide mastery knowledge of topics ranging from the basis tenets of personality evaluation to the advanced learning applications of Level B assessments.
  • Credibility. We must uphold our honor and your trust
  • Drive. Motivation with discipline meets our objectives
  • Passion. We care deeply about our mission's impact
  • Accuracy. Precision is the key to achieving the highest quality possible
  • Proactivity. Industry change that sets new standards
  • Mutual Learning. The cyclical process of clients learning from us while we in turn learn from our clients
  • Global partnership. Reaching out across borders
"My online certification in the Golden Personality Profiler allows me to professionally assess clients with an in-depth tool and interpret the results for a postive life impact."
The Golden's Global Scale and Facet Scale