Global Networking in the Zone

ZONE B serves and connects professional personality enthusiasts from around the world who utilize the Golden and other psychological assessments in their work. It is a community dedicated to learning, sharing, and networking.

Learning Center

Learning Modules
Access eight basic training modules to help "bridge" your knowledge of personality from other assessments to the Golden. It is an ideal way for qualified new users to learn about the finer details of the underlying theories, survey & report features, and interpretation techniques. You also have access to all the support materials needed to start using the Golden.

A growing shared library of available presentations available for continued learning that you can download and adapt to fit your own programs. Share your presentations with other members!

What's My Type
A fun and interactive application that let's you use your knowledge and experience to guess the personality profile of famous celebrities, historical figures and people in the news. See what other members predicted and enter into discussions about the rationale for these predictions.


Access to support materials, application exercises, type distribution tables, books, and related merchandise.

Personality in the News
As a member of Zone B, you will have access to new and interesting research conducted worldwide in personality assessment. See the following links for a few recent finds...

Locate Specialists
Personality specialists from around the globe will meet and join forces in Zone B. Members can access the international database for collaboration on projects and presentations.

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My Member Profile

Build your member profile to share your experience, education, expertise and knowledge of personality and psychological assessments with other members. Learn your way to Master Level Practitioner with the Golden. The Learning Center Dashboard keeps track of all basic, advanced and webinar programs you complete. Need CEU credits? The Learning Dashboard will help you keep track.

ZONE B's Idea Forum

ZONE B's Idea Forum is now available! Find it under the Learning section in Zone B. Exchange ideas with members, post new topics of interest to you and attach files you want to share.

Type Table Application

ZONE B also unveiled the Type Table application. Members can upload their recent administrations of the Golden with statistics and descriptions of their group. ZONE B members can search through all the Type Table matrices others have input into the system. They can also merge those selected tables together to become familiar with a specific group of matrices from a variety of contributors. To see all the current and upcoming applications join our ZONE B community by completing the Golden online certification training course and enroll today.